Too cheap craft and a princess in a pretty dress

Firstly, the little princess!

In her new summer dress - Miss Madeline pattern and fabric from a swap from ages ago that has been languishing in the cupboard.

I took one of the girls along to the annual Werribee Craft Festival for a look and was pleased to see it looking really well presented and a good variety of crafts on offer. Something that really surprised me though, was the prices many of the stallholders were selling their goods for. So cheap! Too cheap!

Having sold my own crafts I can't begin to figure out how these people can turn a profit. Which leads me to ask again - what is the difference between art and craft? For me they both run together in beautiful harmony, lending to each other and often indistinguishable. Both require skill, talent, money, time and can be really hard work! So why is craft perceived as something without value, while art pieces are sought after and highly paid for? 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, perhaps you have a totally different view?

Happy weekend to you all, it's a beautiful day here :)


CurlyPops said...

I went along to it last time and was surprised to find beautiful handmade bears for $25.
I think it's difficult in this suburb to charge higher prices as handmade is not really valued as much as it is in other areas of Melbourne.

baukje said...

I think the same, I also sold my handmade issues too cheap nobody would pay a higher price, not only in Melbourne. that's why i don't want to make more for the markets.
That dress suits her so fabulous.....

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