One of my favourite birds is the New Holland Honeyeater and we have plenty of them in our backyard where they often nest.

Their most favoured past time is to torment our long suffering cat by following him around the garden and making as much noise as possible.
They're quite daring in how close they are willing to get to the dear cat in order to shout in his ear.

 I've been trying to get some good photos but they are always so nimble and here one minute gone the next. This morning (sulky cat under my arm) I got the shots I wanted. I'm sure kitty will forgive me!

My next aim is to be quick enough to capture him, his friends and relations all lined up on the fence in a chorus, they're really so comical and silly.

For now I'm getting out my drawing pad and watercolour pencils and if that goes well, the trusty needle and thread in an attempt to further capture this funny little fellow.

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quilary said...

What a cute little bird. I don't think I've ever seen them before. Looking forward to seeing your stitching!

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