Flower fairies and butterflies in stumpwork

I just received my final piece for my stumpwork assessment back from the framer. Having never had anything framed before it was quite a thrill! I'm glad I chose the more expensive frame as it's so beautiful and the floral theme ties in with my piece beautifully. 

I've used a variety of techniques in the piece including my favourite - silk ribbon embroidery.

I can't tell you how much thought, planning, then work went into this but I absolutely love it.

And another homework assessment finished and mounted. This is a blue morpho butterfly.

The wings are all detached and the body embroidered directly onto the fabric.

So now I just need to finish and assemble my samplers and I'm ready for my assessment in a few weeks, how exciting to have come so far! I'm already planning what to learn next and I feel it must involve silk ribbons!


m.e (Cathie) said...

wow, she is absolutely beautiful! the details are so delicate & I just want to reach out & feel it.
Goodluck with your assessment..although I definitely think you will do extremely well Kel!

Linda said...

This is so beautifully done!

softearthart said...

Just so, so pretty, love the butterfly, they must have taken hours to make, one can see the quality in the workmanship. cheers Marie

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