What are you going to do when you grow up?

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This question has been playing on my mind a little lately. You see, I'll be 35 this year and still haven't decided on the right "thing" for me. When I say "thing" I'm referring to some sort of a career or occupation other than being a wife and mother.

When I was little I wanted to be a hairdresser (feel free to roll your eyes) but the novelty of that idea didn't last. When I completed high school I was strongly encouraged (pushed) to go to university. Unfortunately my scores were not high enough to go into my 2 choices of either Psychology or Nursing so I ended up in a course I loathed and subsequently quit. I've quit a lot of things since then and find it very difficult to stay with one thing.

I realise that as my children grow older I need to be able to have some sort of an income. And I do relish the idea of one day having a bit of extra money. The thought of working in the types of jobs I did pre - babies does not thrill me in the slightest. I no longer want to work just for money - I want the fulfillment that comes from using your skills and talents to support yourself. I want to be excellent rather than mediocre.

So here's a bit of fun.

When I grow up I'm going to live in the country in a grand and beautiful old home. I will offer classes from my home in various arts including embroidery, cake decorating, bread and patisseries. My husband will not need to work as we have a collection of sought after farm animals and are proficient in their husbandry. Our children are all happy and superbly educated (ahem!) Sounds good hey?

So how about you? Have you decided what you want to be when you grow up yet?


Kylie said...

Like you I need to starting thinking about it. I used to be a Director in Childcare centres and also used to travel alot to accredit other centres before I had the kids - Now I cant stand kids - little ones anyway - over it MUCH. DOnt get me wrong - I love my kids and was really good at my job, but I cant see myself looking after someone elses snotty nosed kids anymore. Trying to work it all out - will let you know:)

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Kel, thanks for making me stop and think.

When I grow up i will live in the moment and not be waiting for the right circumstance to start enjoying life. I will eat mindfully food that I know is grown naturally and not engineered. I will be more patient. My children will have the freedom to learn and experiment and have fun without me worrying about mess, or the "proper" way to do things. I will participate in my community in a meaningful way. Be more gracious, kind, understanding and listen completely before I start thinking of what I am going to say. I will comfortable in my own skin and cherish and love the body and mind I have. I will love unconditionally. Cherish the greatness in my partner and not dwell on the things I would like to change. Gosh have I rambled enough about my life ... thanks again.

baukje said...

I think I already am a grow up girl, I am 64 .... I started as a teacher than I thought that would be boring to stay teacher till I was old. So I started to study psychology and worked after my study till some years ago. And now I live my creative life, and I love it!!!

quilary said...

I would like to grow up with you please!
The only change would be my husband will be a photographer and fill the books we publish with wonderful photos that make people want to buy our books! *oh lovely dream*
I am working on my hobby and he is working on his, so that when we retire (eeekkk!) we'll have something we love to keep us happy, SANE and (maybe) provide a mini income!!!

Wendy Manson said...

I saw some ditty going around FB a few months back which said, "I never grew up till I was 50". I thought, hmmm sounds like me! I still don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, LOL.

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