Roasted Pumpkin Soup

We have a beautiful harvest of various types of pumpkins this year so I've been making soup. Here is my recipe that has evolved over years of soup making! It is simple and makes a big batch.

2.8 kg pumpkin
3 potatoes (medium)
1 leek
2 onions
garlic cloves to taste (as a guide use 4ish)
2 smoked bacon bones
5 - 8 cups chicken stock

Weigh out about 1.8 kg of the pumpkin and chop into large pieces (leave skin on). Put into a roasting dish and into the oven at 180 degrees (C) for approximately 40 minutes, turning once.

Meanwhile, chop your onions and fry in a stock pot in a little olive oil and butter. Add chopped leek and garlic and stir until sweating. Throw in the chopped and peeled potato and raw, peeled pumpkin. Now remove the skin from your roasted pieces and put them in the pot too.

Add the bacon bones, stock and season to your preference with salt and pepper. The stock should be about level with the vegetables for a nice thick soup.

Allow to simmer until vegetables are very soft. Turn off and leave until the soup is warm but not boiling hot! Puree in a food processor. Serve with a dob of cream and extra pepper if you wish.

Did I mention it's perfect with homemade bread hot from the oven?

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Sugar Pop Cafe said...

Yum! I'm intrigued by the bread! Do you have a recipe?

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