A few pictures from the march

There was a great turn out for the Freedom to be Born March and the sun dazzled down on us as we walked the streets of the city.

Up to the steps of the grand old Parliament House. 

There was the usual small (very small) slogan shouting individuals waiting for us on the steps but they were soon drowned out. And I swear I have never placed my rosaries on anyone's ovaries! That is also to imply that only Catholics stand against abortion which is completely untrue and was evident today.

A big thanks to the Victoria Police for the great job they do, it is really appreciated.


OrganicMama said...

LOL! I love it ;o)

Ok, I guess I'll stop putting my rosaries on other peoples ovaries now...


Carolyn said...

I dont have any rosaries but would have been delighted to march!

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