Busy, busy, busy!!

I've managed to fit in a lot of sewing and crafting time this week. I'm showing glimpses of something I've been working on to try and impress someone. More about that later I hope.

I love the colour combinations.

I'm so pleased with the finished product. 

This being my 399th post can only mean one thing. 
So.. to celebrate my 400th post (and today - my 34th birthday!) I'm running a giveaway.
Stay tuned, it's a good one!


softearthart said...

Best wishes, cheers Marie

Nic Wood said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hope you have a lovely day
Nic xxx

nocton4 said...

wonderful,we have been celebrating lots of numbers too, 400 is a good one eh.
lovely glimpses .. happy days to you xxx

zofia said...

Happy Birthday to you Kel. :)
Your doll looks so beautiful.

Quilary said...

Hope you had a happy day. A lot of love has gone into that little dolly. She is beautiful!

cherri said...

So many posts! Happy Birthday and I loooove this doll - wow the hair and lips are gorgeous!

Have a great day!

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