Baby's first waldorf softie

Well, she isn't such a baby anymore, her first birthday is next month! Although she won't be playing with dolls for a little while yet I think it  is a beautiful first birthday gift.

I made this 12 inch doll's body from soft flannel. I tried out a new hair technique and am very satisfied with the results, it's very secure and lifelike with no long strands for busy little fingers to pull out. I can also add a pony tail later if it's wanted.

Bub's initial is embroidered so there can be no question of ownership (she does have two sisters after all!)


Nell said...

Very cute - and well done for achieving one of your UFOs! I have a super soft cotton growsuit that Maddie was too big for put aside to make her first waldorf dolly out of it. Getting NOTHING done here (and grumpy because of it!)

softearthart said...

his is lovely, I am no sewer myself, cheers Marie

cherri said...

that's gorgeous!

Nic Wood said...

she is gorgeous, and IM sure she will be very loved and played with!

Nic xxx

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is just so cute and she will love and cherish it. I love the look of the hair as well, so different from your other dollies.

Gill in Canada

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh simply so beautiful, love Posie

Fabiana Pereira said...

Very cute!

Giveaway at blog :

Good luck!

twigandtoadstool said...

What a lovely doll. I made my daughter Matilda one for Christmas last year, but the head was all looked like a we lovingly call her "sausagehead"!
:) Lovely blog, (you should come visit us too as you seem like a kindred at!


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