Bread sticks

In my quest for perfect bread recipes I've made a lot of duds. You know the type - dull, dry altogether unappealing?

I've been meaning to try the recipe for "Sabrina's Breadsticks" ever since I was fortunate enough to be given someone's "spare copy" of Stephanie Alexander's "The Cook's Companion" (spare copy - can  you imagine?!!)

Anyhow, the long proving times had put me off up until today when I decided to give it a go. These breadsticks used to be served in Stephanie's restaurant.

The result was 2 beautiful breadsticks that rival anything I've bought from an Italian bakery. A truly marvellous taste, a crust with crunch, yet not too hard and a moist, flavoursome interior. 

Although it requires a fair time investment the recipe is quite effortless and very enjoyable to make. 
The children pounce on one stick as soon as it was cool enough and ate the pieces smeared with a little melty butter.

I will absolutely be making this again and again and again.....

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