An empty space (sniffle..)

X marks the spot on my work table which is the home of my faithful Janome. As you can see, nobody is home today, nor tomorrow, not the next day either. In fact, this space will be empty for a whole week! A week of listless glances in this direction as I wander past. A week of concocting projects I can cut out in readiness for her return.
Perhaps it's a good thing she jammed and is "in the shop" (in the middle of a doll order I might add!) Perhaps I might finally catch up on all those assignments I owe my tutor, perhaps I'll clean out those cupboards that need it.
I don't think I realised how integral the sewing machine has become to my life, what a great release it is to be able to sit and sew. The lady at the sewing centre said "Oh well, you can have a rest from it for this week" to which I replied "It is my rest!!"


Posie Patchwork said...

Oh yes, the January service after Christmas mania sewing. I actually relay my machines through the Janome service centre through December so i can sew freely & happily in January, it's so special. I have industrial & domestic back up machines, phew, i'm never without a decent sewing machine. I know the hole in your heart. Love Posie

Clodagh a.k.a. Isra said...

Maybe a photo of her where X marks the spot will make the week a little less sad ;-)
Think of it as her time as the "machine spa". xxx

Gilly said...

Oh my how will you survive! I must do the same though - thanks for the reminder!

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