WAHM ideas

I know many of you who read my blog are stay at home mums, as I am. For the record, I haven't been able to find a way of making a regular income from home even after trying for 10 years! I've tried selling books, second hand clothes, I've even advertised in the local paper to do ironing with a total success rate of 0!!  I've been able to sell a few craft items here and there for the equivalent of slave wages - not very sustainable. I wish it was as simple as following your passions and "what you're good at". However, I haven't given up and I'm more determined than ever to earn money without having to compromise my family by seeking work outside the home.

1. Sell your crafts

2. Online shop

3. Clothing alterations

4. Market stall

5. Childcare (Family day care in your own home)

6. Freelance services (bookeeping, financial services, design etc)

7. Employer arrangement to work from home

8. Write ebooks

sites to check out:





Maybe this will be your year? (and hopefully mine!)


Posie Patchwork said...

I've been running a craft business for over 10 years & it fits in with 4 children, soldier husband & moving state every 2 years. I have to keep starting from scratch, somehow, i keep building msyelf back up with a great profile in newspapers, magazines & markets.
I also have an on line shop which i've had for 8 years since going full time in this world of sewing.
My qualifications, um, degrees in pharmacology & psychology, then 4 children in my first 5 years out of Uni.
I'm determined, hard working, stay at home mum, with 4 roles on our P&C at school. This year my husband will be away for 10 months. I'm 35 this year & my hobby is finding the right high school in Brisbane for our eldest daughter.
Basically don't give up, find a niche & be brilliant at it!! I have never lost my passion, i have to be a housewife as i am the only constant in my children's lives. But i also HAVE to work. I feel really lucky i have managed to find that balance, but seriously hard work, long nights but great reward.
Just for the record, my children are fabulous, polite, smart & athletic, all round much loved & well adjusted. What more could you hope for?? Good luck, love Posie

winterpeachblog said...

Good luck to you. It is hard to stay home with the kids & find a way to make a little money doing the things we love.

Aussie Therese said...

prayers for you Kelly that you will find a job you love and work from home.

Nell said...

One suggestion you left out is direct selling/party plan. I know it is not for everyone but I have been a Creative Memories consultant for the past 7 years. It fits beautifully around our family, gives me two free trips away each year and pocket money to spend on my other crafty habits:)

Anonymous said...

Every why has a wherefore. ....................................................

ayelet(nishale) said...

I feel you are on the right way dear!
and I LOVE the new banner of the blog! sweet sweet lovely illustration!!!!!

Corrie said...

good list! So far I have my store, mind my sisters baby on a tuesday for $60 cash (mind you 7am to 6pm is no walk in the park when there are 4 of them), have homestay /exchange students for $220+ a week... don't be disheartened! how about a madeit store?????


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