Old treasures

This cardigan was knitted by an elderly lady I used to care for in a nursing home. She was born with an intellectual disability and was deaf. She was abandoned by her parents at a young age and raised in a home run by some religious sisters. She always had a knitting project on the go and could follow any pattern. All of her knitting was given to friends or charity.

Look at that beautiful trim! God bless you Bernie, you are a treasure.

Having worked in aged and disability care I have seen so many souls languishing, living day to day and waiting to die. Many of these people have knowledge and skills that can't be measured but are not given the opportunity to use. Lets not forget the value of each individual, whatever their stage of life.


zofia said...

So true... That cardigan is gorgeous!
I would love to be able to create something like it.
Wow, your little girl is growing fast!

Karen said...

She's an amazing knitter. My mum volunteers at a nursing home and the girls and I go to visit every now and again - it's lovely the welcome we are given - people want to chat to the girls and squeeze the little one's cheeks!
There are some very talented knitters and crocheters among these ladies too.

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