Ayelet's giveaway

Ayelet , a talented Etsy artist is having a giveaway on her blog - a gorgeous little fairy print. To enter you must draw, paint or make a fairy and tell her story. This is my entry into her competition.

This is Bridget the garden fairy. I used to see her sometimes very early in the morning or at dusk, nibbling on the rose petals. She would sip the dew from the petals first. Sometimes she wore a red tunic, but mostly it was this lovely green one with purple and pink striped stockings.

She no longer lives in my garden, she was sent to her namesake, a little girl called Bridget. She was lonely, as there were no other fairies of her type in my garden and she longed for a little girl to play with. I believe she is quite happy in her new home, but takes care to avoid the brothers, of which there are 4.


Gill - That British Woman said...

if you don't win with that entry, there is something dearly wrong, what a great little fairy and a cute little story to go with it.

Gill in Canada

Cee said...

Oh my Bridget is adorable.

I don't know if I can enter now. Your entry is adorable and you deserve to win that lovely print.

Popped in via Ayelet ;)

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