Playdough and going with the flow....

I woke early this morning and decided to make some playdough. My 4 year old has been "somewhat challenging" of late and I wanted to get her busy straight after breakfast. Sometimes, as a homeschooler, I forget to stop and smell the roses. I forget that I'm in charge and that learning occurs in all different ways.

Normally I expect the boy to start his bookwork by 9am for time efficiency. This morning he took an interest in the playdough, and although my brain nagged at me - "it's past 9am!!" I left him to it.

This led to a few learning discussions. He made a model of a heart, which provided an opportunity for revision of the heart's functions. They made me countless "cupcakes" and "pancakes" and other delights.
They had to share in order to get along, this needs much reinforcement!
They learn to use kitchen tools which improves dexterity.
They learn to clean up after themselves when they're finished.
If you're a fellow homeschooler, or even if you're not, I hope you can find time to "go with the flow" today and remember that learning does not have to come from a book.


Nell said...

So, so TRUE! I am a kindy teacher and constantly disappointed by the lack of playbased programs for Junior Primary children - play is a wonderful medium for learning (and hey, isn't that technically what we are doing as crafty adults?)

Vic said...

Wow - I am SO in awe of homeschooling Mamas - they (you) just seem so darn smart!!! If Punky, in her later years, presented me with a playdoh heart, I would say something like "Ooh, I love your loveheart!" where as you take your cue to discuss interesting facts about the human heart... AMAZING. Seriously. I just don't think I'm cut out for stuff like that.

Thank you for stopping by & commenting on my circle skirt sweets - I did wing it mostly, I did a little googling though & found that it's best to minus about 4" from your waist/hip measurement before you divide it by 4 (to cut the arc when the material is folded in quarters), even after doing that I could have done with a bit of a smaller hole, so I'm glad I found that first up!

ayelet(nishale) said...

Hi Dear!
I am not a mother yet, so I just can tell you what I see from my side when I look and read your blog-
I think that this is THE learning of your children, and the fact that you are with them and ask yourself questions all the time just shows you are in the right way..
and- I wanted to tell you that I have a giveaway at my blog- if you belive in fairies...
here it is-

Hope very much to see you and all the children there!!!!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is so true, you don't have to learn everything in life from books......well done, great attitude.

Gill in Canada

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