Wee little bairny

I think my impending arrival has made me a little "baby mad"! I made this little waldorf baby this afternoon after fiddling around with a head and wondering what to do with the rest, it just seemed to become a baby. I needle sculpted her face, her body is polar fleece (really snuggly) and her hat is knitted from organic rainbow wool. She has a soft flannel wrap for swaddling that does up at the back with velcro. She is 8 inches long.

She will be in my Etsy shop shortly, I think I'll be making another one for the little un's 2nd birthday coming up. Just realised I won't be able to call her that for much longer, there will be an
even littler un'!
And thankyou all for your positive comments on my last post, it means a lot to me :)

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Tas said...

Anyone would think that you are getting clucky Curls...awfully cute!

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