This could be my last giveaway for a while, only 19 days until baby arrives!
This softie is a prototype, so she isn't perfect and she's a little unusual, but I'm sure someone out there would love her!
She is made from very soft flannel and stuffed with polyfil. She is 40 cm tall (15.5 inches) She is meant to be a cat, though my husband begs to differ.

Her button eyes make her unsuitable for a very young child. I'll draw the winner on July 5th.

Please follow the link on the sidebar to my Etsy shop and tell me which item is your favourite and why.
Please feel free to link to this post on your blog (you can use the pictures of the softie too if you like)
This one is open to Australian Residents only please.


narrawallee said...

Love her curls my gds birthday in july hope I win great birthday gift

zofia said...

I love the boy doll! and also am pretty fond of the butterfly wristlet.
Thank you for a lovely giveaway!

Amanda said...

I love the little Wee Waldof Doll Pillow in your etsy store - the colour combination on it is just gorgeous and the wee dolly with it is totally adorable!

This little kitty softie is adorable too though ;-)

Amanda said...

Blogged about too ;-)

Krissy said...

My favourite in your store right now is the waldorf inspired boy . . he is just so darn cute! Loving seeing boy stuff!!

The Handmaden said...

Thanks Amanda, you're a real doll (pun intended hehe)

monART said...

ahw difficult to choose but I ♥ the doll with the pony tails and the green ribbons in her hair. The reason: she is too cute. The red, green and white combi of colors makes me think of cherries and I love them. The leg warmers is just so fancy!

(ps.IF I win then I'd be most willing to pay the shipping)

Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

I like the Wee Waldorf doll pocket pillow/cushion the best. It uses all the Japanese fabrics I love so much - too cute! Good luck with the baby too!

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