Sweet Little Mary Janes

I made these newborn sized Mary Janes from a pattern by Sweet Little Patterns. They are so
cute, a bit fiddly but not too difficult. These are for one of my husband's work colleagues who is expecting soon.
Now to something not so cute that I just have to share. I received an email from my older brother this morning that included a passage that was upsetting to me. Here it is, he is referring to the impending arrival of our fourth child:
"Surely 4 will be enough...I hope for your sake you're not going to go back for any more, otherwise you're going to be 60 before you get to live a bit of life for yourself. Your decision of course..."
Hmm. Not sure how to respond to that, in fact at this point I don't think I will respond. He only has 2 children himself and of course is not having any more. Its so saddening how anti - life our society is and how deeply penetrating it is.


Marlya said...

The shoes are beautiful--- I am sure they will be greatly appreciated!

I would have thought that having chilren will add a new dimension to your life-- a good one. I have also noticed that many people see having children as a time that their life will stop being fulfilling. I am looking forward to a family centred life.

DELiciousDesignz said...

That is a bit of a harsh comment. You obviously love having your kids around you or you wouldn't be home schooling. Kids are something to cherish so have as many as your heart desires - they are what keeps you young, so when you are 60 you will have a life!! it will just be one that is surrounded by children and grandchildren - what could be better than that? There are people who do not appreciate the value of children, and perhaps he is one of these...

MoederKip said...

Oh :-(
That email made me quite sad.
But the shoes made me very very happy :-)

Lela said...

I had this response (...I'm still getting it) when I was pregnant with my fourth. Or comments like "4is enough". I find responding difficult because it's these opinions that make me so angry and sad. I have noticed that it is people with less than 4 children that seem to have this opinion!

I think you have a wonderful family and I love reading your blog!

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