How to roast your own coffee beans...

My husband and I love to brew our own coffee in the mornings. We used to buy freshly ground coffee at the market each week until my husband made this discovery. Buying coffee beans in their raw state will cost you half as much as market coffee and much less than supermarket coffee (which usually tastes like dirty dishwater anyway!)
We brew our coffee in an Italian stovetop espresso pot (a marvellous invention).
Here's what we do:

These are raw coffee beans. We buy Ethiopian beans from a little African supplies shop.

We dry roast them on a just lower than moderate heat in a deep frypan. The roasting takes about 20 minutes and needs constant stirring, so be patient! You want your beans to be very dark, crackling and smoking. It feels like you're burning them, but its necessary to get a proper roast. The beans should also seem much lighter (in weight) and dryer by the time you're done.

Once the beans have cooled grind them in a grinder (we use a little electric grinder that we bought fairly cheaply, it does a great job). The ground coffee in this picture is actually much darker than it looks here, yours should be nice and dark too.
Store the ground coffee in the fridge either in a lined paper coffee bag or an airtight container.
Enjoy your delicious coffee!


Sara said...

How cool is that! Yummy! All the coffee fanatics say there is nothing like freshly roasted coffee.

Handmade homegrown said...

WOW, I am so glad I check your blog. We have a coffee bush that is fruiting big time. My husband has little bowls of coffee beans drying out all over the house. Will show him this in the morning.

RocketGirl said...

Wow...that's dedicated! Another thing to add to my list for when I become a real person :)

The Handmaden said...

Wow Lissy, homegrown coffee, even better! I remember you saying ages ago about having a coffee bush, you'll have to let me know how it tasted!

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