New Krokbragd Bag Class!

My brand new class is finished and available! When designing this bag, my plan was bold colour and design. I think I can safely say that I achieved that!

I used a contrast of deep, navy blue and a middle panel of bright colours and bold patterning to really set off the feature panel.

Originally I had a totally different design, but when I started weaving, found that it was a little more drab on the loom than it had been in my head. So, I whipped out the Sampleit, threw on a short warp and started experimenting with the colour palette I had chosen for the bag.

I was much happier with what I came up with on the small loom and although not all of this design made it into the bag class, I'm really happy with the finished bag - plus I have plenty of other designs up my sleeve for another time.

The idea for the bag actually came to my last year, when I was playing around with this sample below. It's not until recently that I actually got around to making the class.

The project uses two heddles and provides two different methods for threading, according to your preference. Full sewing and finishing instructions are also included in the class.

The bag pairs perfectly with my Krokbragd Mug Rug Weave Along that ran recently, so definitely start with the mug rugs if you're hesitant about giving this a go.

And, if you just want to find out more about Krokbragd, I have written this post which gives you more information, plus links to my Youtube videos on the topic.

I hope you can join me for this one, Krokbragd is so much fun, so rewarding and for me, is a weave with a total WOW factor!


Glenda Simmonds said...

Thanks Kelly, I’m looking forward to making this - a great Spring/Summer project to begin very soon.
Blessings Glenda

Kelly Casanova said...

Great to hear, thanks Glenda :)

Deborah said...

I’m confused about the bag project. In the discription you say it is a two heddle project but your picture shows one heddle. Or it looks like one heddle. Can you help me understand better? Thank you.

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Deborah,
The picture of the smaller loom shows one heddle because I used a heddle rod for the sample. I don't have double heddles for the small loom, so the heddle rod was an easy way around that.

Unknown said...

Kelly, Thank you for the Newsy letter. Have a wonderful time with your son and on your family vacation.
May you be Blessed on your travels.
Rhonda Hazen

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Rhonda!

Brigitte Koehler said...

Hello Kelly
Thank you for sharing your family story with us and the picture is just beautiful. The bag looks gorgeous bad sadly, as a beginner, I don't have the confidence to start on this project at this time. I am sure I will once I get a little better with my weaving. As a matter of fact I am convinced I will. But in the mean time I am working at getting better with my weaving and my spinning. I hope you have a wonderful time in New Zealand and your other trips.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Brigitte,
I am sure you will be able to weave this sort of thing when you are ready, there is no hurry, just enjoy the journey!

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