Fear of the loom!

I am sometimes surprised by the fear that can exist in newer weavers (and often not so new weavers as well). The fear that you will get stuck and not know what to do, the fear that the project won't turn out the way it's supposed to, the fear that you are not smart enough to learn how to use your loom, the fear that you will waste yarn if you make a mistake... I could go on.

I know people who have abandoned a new loom into a corner, a spare room or (dare I speak it?) a dusty garage. The fear is too great to make a start and they feel they have failed before even beginning.

I say that I am surprised, but I really shouldn't be. All it takes is a few moments of thinking back to when I was a new weaver. I was so excited by this beautiful piece of equipment, but silently terrified! What a privilege, but what a responsibility! 

Is that fear still with me? No, although I do sometimes feel an apprehension when trying something new with very expensive yarn!

So, how to rid yourself of the fear? It's actually very simple. You arm yourself with the knowledge you need and you practice! Read books, find resources, take courses, find weavers, join groups and network. And practice! Start simple and work your way up. Think of how an athlete trains. That is you, at your loom. Training, practicing, learning from mistakes and building knowledge.

If you do this, the magic will start to happen. That magic is CONFIDENCE! And with confidence, the sky is the limit.

If you are at that frozen with fear stage with your loom, perhaps you need some extra resources to help you out. 

My Youtube channel has a plethora of videos to help you get started in weaving.

My Online Weaving School is a great place for learning and gaining confidence. 

My Facebook Group is a friendly and welcoming place for weavers of all levels.

I hope this post will inspire you to go out there and weave beautiful things!


gabriele A. said...

Dear Kelly,
I am a new follower on your Weaving lesson. I intend to purchase a Louet David next time and I need some tools, like boat shuttles, bobbin winder and warping frame or mill. You are weaving with the Ashford shuttle, isnt it? Do you are pleased with it ?
Last week I take part on a weaving workshop and I was using a warping frame. It was the first time and it takes a lot of time.... So I consider about a warping mill. But I am not sure. Many questions, I hope you can help me !
Kind regards
Gabi Arnhold from Germany

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Gabriele,
Welcome to weaving! To answer your questions, yes I use Ashford boat shuttles, and yes, they are good and affordable. I am happy with them. I use a warping board instead of a mill - it suits me as I can hang it on the wall. Perhaps if I have more space one day I will buy a mill. Instead of a bobbin winder I use my husband's electric drill. Perhaps I will make a video on basic tools needed for floor loom weaving, would that be helpful?

gabriele A. said...

Dear Kelly,
Thank you for the informations.
I would be happy with the video, and I think others to.
Kind regards

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