Life and Learning at home

This last week, the little one has had a nasty cold which means we have spent a bit more time at home than usual. This is a good thing! To wake up and have the day just waiting and full of potential.

Every now and then I write down some of the things we've done in a day. Especially if I'm feeling the kids haven't focused enough on academics or, the ever gnawing feeling at many a homeschool Mum, that they haven't learned enough.

Today it was challenging to write that list, there was too much! I thought I'd share with you some of what we did to give an idea of an average day and to show you that even if you don't feel like you've done a lot, it's pretty amazing when you reflect back.

Slip knots. The little one learned to make a slip knot from her sister and is now happily slip knotting everything in sight!

The list is randomly arranged and outlines activities that have happened at home today.

Knitting project, piano practice, music reading (the 2 older girls are teaching themselves from a book), baking, garden work and planning, animal care and lots of animal hugs, pats and trick teaching, World War II history, Ancient history, writing practice, Kahn academy, online physics game, singing practice, reading novels in bed, English, spelling and phonics, science - a lesson on reptiles and a fun activity that involved the taping of fingers to create webbed feet, prayer and religious education, library visit, grocery shopping where the girls used the self checkout to purchase, free play, drawing, movie watching, and chores.

And how could I not mention standing on your head? There are some in our family who must be upside down for at least a part of the day!

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Sue Elvis said...


You all had a very full day! Yes, when we write things down we are often surprised just how much our children are doing each day. (And us!) Looks like your girls enjoyed their day. I love the photos!

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