Krokbragd Tulips on a rigid heddle loom

Another video I just finished, still on the krokbragd theme but this time weaving some cool tulips!

I'm having so much fun experimenting with krokbragd, there are just so many possibilities :)


Sue Elvis said...


I'm beginning to wish I was a weaver. Your video makes me want to weave some tulips. So beautiful! I know I'm not really going to rush off and buy a loom, but I do enjoy watching you create your intricate and attractive designs. I can understand why your channel is so popular. Your instructions and presentation are very professional.

Anonymous said...

Love your tutorial videos on weaving.
How do I access the notes you refer to in each video?

Kelly Casanova said...

The notes are always in the section below the video. If you click on "show more" it will extend the text so you can see it :)

Anonymous said...

this is the first instruction that i have actually been able to understand. i do have one question--i had read before that to have a nice edge you must use 3 shuttles, no matter what the colors. also, do you use a floating selvedge? thank you ellen santana

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Ellen,
For nice edges you just need to be aware of it. You could definitely use floating selvedges, though I haven't in this video. If not using them, just make sure you go around the outermost thread each time and don't draw in too tightly. If you were swapping between colours and not having them on their own shuttles, the risk would be that it would draw in or up at the edge and distort the fabric. Once you have a go, you will get a feel for it very quickly at it will make more sense.
Happy Weaving!

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