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The first time ever that Random Integer has chosen the first comment to win! 

Congratulations to Stephanie P. 

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Thanks to all entrants and once again, thank you all for your support, encouragement and kind comments :)

100 sales giveaway

I recently reached the milestone of 100 sales on Etsy! I'm so grateful to all my supporters who have made this possible and to celebrate I'm having a giveaway.
You could win a $50 gift voucher for my Etsy shop.
Leave a comment on this post to enter. A winner will be randomly selected in one week's time (30th September).

Open to all earthly residents. You are responsible for any taxes or fees incurred for your country and please remember to factor in postage costs as well.
Good luck!

New woven garments

One of my new favourite pieces, this wrap just wove up beautifully. I used Australian 3ply merino and dyed a gradient of blues and purples for the warp.

Then a lovely teal-ish green for the weft.

This is the first time I've woven with 3ply and won't be the last! It worked up into this most beautiful, soft and light piece of cloth, I love it! 

And this one - a 1/3 warp float pattern using a pastel gradient and a commercial grey merino, both in 4 ply.

The reverse side.

The front. I've also been putting my new fringe twister to work and have a video in the editing process on using a fringe twister, so look out for that one if that interests you.

Both of these pieces are available now in my Etsy shop. By the way, I am very blessed to have 99 sales in the shop now - I think hitting 100 will be a cause for celebration, perhaps a special giveaway?

This morning I dropped off this scarf to be judged for the Melbourne Show in the spinning and weaving scarf category. It's the first time I've entered my weaving into anything, so a bit nervous, but it's a good way to challenge myself.

Hope you're having a great week, if you're enjoying sunny weather and blue skies where you are, please send some here, Melbourne hasn't realised it's Spring yet!

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The week that went so fast...

The word "busy" is a bit overused these days I reckon, but I will admit that it was a very "full and varied" week for us! I was looking forward to today and thinking of the sewing I need to do, that great looking cook book I got from the library I haven't had time to browse, and of course, I could warp up the loom ready for a new project. The reality of the day has been taxiing my son to kung fu, walking the dog (well that was relaxing at least!), shopping, laundry work and cooking up huge batches of bolognaise and stew for next week, which also promises to be very "full".

I started to reflect, in my tired and slightly overworked state, that I didn't give enough time to the kids this week, I didn't get to help my son with that maths he's been asking me about, didn't get time for much reading with the girls, didn't get to do much preparation for my daughter's up and coming First Holy Communion… 

But then I had a little reality check, that is that God was so good to tap me on the shoulder and say "wake up and check the facts". I was really busy this week, it's true, but what was it that kept me so occupied? 
My vocation of course!
A wife, a mother, this is my vocation and this is what I do. I may not have been able to do everything that I thought was necessary, but it was because I was actively caring for my family and home, something that takes a lot of time and work. 
I thought of my future self, when the children are grown and making their own way in the world. Will they say "Mum, thank you for making us study so hard, I feel so much smarter for it". Is that what I want to hear?
Or would something like: "Mum, thank you for your constant love, care and sacrifice. Thank you for letting us be children, for enriching our lives, for being fun, for passing on our beautiful faith by your example" be more pleasing to my ageing ears?

Bring on next week!

Gallipoli study

We've been studying Gallipoli all together over the last week or two. I was never interested in Australian History at school (oh, those boring text books!!) but now, not only do I find it very interesting, I think that, as an Australian, it's my duty to know the history of this great country.

The Australian War Memorial website has some great information and in particular, this page about the food that soldiers would have eaten at Gallipoli provided us with inspiration to hold our own Gallipoli lunch.

As you can see, the younger ones weren't too pleased with my soldier's meal of rice, Spam, hard tack and jam. For drinks we had the choice of water, milk, cocoa and tea - all with powdered, not fresh milk. My littlest one declared that she definitely does not like soldier's food!

But they were pretty good sports about the whole thing (except aforementioned little one) and ate their soldier's meals. We imagined how grateful the troops would have been for a meal like this after a hard day of battle and misery.

In addition to researching with some library books we also watched a Gallipoli documentary on Youtube which was informative. Please note, there are images of corpses on the battlefield in this video - although they are in black and white and not too graphic they could be upsetting to some viewers.

I call our study a complete success and appropriate for each of us, regardless of age. My next topic idea is the Early Settlers with a bit of a focus on the gold rush. If it all goes well I plan to surprise the children with a visit to Sovereign Hill as none of them have been there before.

If you're looking for ideas for study topics or ideas to share with your children I highly recommend you head over to Sue's blog- Stories of an Unschooling Family where you will find a plethora of blog posts and many podcasts related to unschooling. Sue's blog is a real inspiration to me.

Make do and make a start

I thought I'd share with you a little reality check today. It is easy for us to imagine that people we see on social media, on websites...