That awesome feeling!

Of finishing a project and finding that you love it! Remember this post? My, how things can change.

So, the blanket was woven on 4 shafts with my hand dyed Australian 4ply cotton. I used a twill variation for the pattern.

It's actually quite thick and heavy, so definitely better suited to cooler times than we are experiencing at the moment! (37 degrees today).

My little sweetheart was good enough to model it for me, even in the heat. 

This blanket will be in my Etsy shop in the near future, so look out for that if you like what you see :)

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Sue Elvis said...


Your blanket is beautiful! And so are your photos. They show off the blanket so well.

It's warm here too at the moment. No need for a blanket! But cold days will return before we know it, and I'm sure someone will be grateful for the warmth of your blanket. I bet it sells quickly!

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