Great Expectations

I planned to weave a baby blanket. I spent weeks planning this project, first visually in my head, then on paper with measurements and particulars, then in the dyeing. I researched weave structures and matched colours, choosing the contrasting colours I thought would best show off the somewhat complex pattern. I spent a lot of time planning this blanket.

Then came the warping, the threading, the sleying, the tying on. Hours and hours of work. Finally, I got to the exciting part - the weaving! I began weaving with great anticipation, concentrating on the sequence to ensure no errors. After a few inches, I got up and stood back from the work, as I always do, to view the emerging pattern with pleasure.

And I hated it. 

It's busy, it's thick and textured, it looks messy and the pattern is barely discernible because of all the colours. To say I was disappointed would be a grave understatement. I felt like cutting the warp off the loom and shoving it in the bin. Instead, I went to bed.

Contemplation set in. I remembered a talk I had heard some time ago by a holy priest. He talked about expectations and how we get upset when things don't turn out "just so". He talked about expecting ABC and getting XYZ. He illustrated how readily we lose our tempers, get offended or grow angry at the smallest things. I chuckled when I heard this part of his talk - it was so true that people are selfish and expect the very best all the time. People. Me. 

You know what? I'm going to soldier on with this project that I hate. I've already learned a heap of new skills and tricks with warping, threading and colouring. Now I get to practice weaving a pattern I haven't woven before and is actually the most complex one to date for me. I get to practice weaving the full width of the loom, I haven't done that before either. 

When I begin each weaving project, I pray for God's blessing on my work. I pray also for the future recipient of the project. Prayers are never wasted, even when it seems we don't always get what we asked for. 

It may be that you ask for ABC but instead God blesses you with XYZ. 


Sue Elvis said...


Yes, something totally unexpected might result from this project. You might end up loving it very much. It will be interesting to see. I want to stay tuned to see what happens!

I totally understand the feeling of being disappointed. I think this feeling is worse when we're tired. It sounds like going to bed was the right decision. Things do often look better once morning arrives.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Sue :)

BabyLongLegs said... ... ... ... all UK based :)

Big Love, Kelly :)


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