One project finished, onto the next!

The rose path scarf is finished! 

It felt so good to cut my first project on my new loom off and finish it.

It's the first time I've woven with Bambu 7 as well, it is truly beautiful - so soft and a gorgeous sheen.

The reverse side.

The front.

And now I'm working on some more luxury face cloths for my Etsy shop. They were so popular last time, I've been wanting to restock ever since. 
I must say, it was really nice to direct warp the rigid heddle loom after going through the debacle of warping the 8 shaft loom for the scarf. So many errors! But, as I've heard many people say, you tend to learn more from mistakes than successes. 


Sue Elvis said...


The reverse side is just as beautiful as the front! How many hours of work went into weaving this scarf? I like the facecloths too. A bar of soap and a facecloth.. they would make a very special Christmas gift.

Kelly Casanova said...

Sue, most of the hours were spent in threading and then rethreading the warp - I made lots of mistakes there! The warping process takes a lot longer than the weaving. I don't count the hours, I just know there are lots of them!
Yes, the cloths would be perfect with a nice bar of soap, hand made of course, but sadly I've never perfected soap making :)

Nicky said...

Hi Kelly. I noticed you haven't posted much on the FB Rigid heddle group, so I tracked you down here! This scarf is absolutely beautiful! It's now made me want to buy the 8-shaft loom - uh-oh!

Kelly Casanova said...

Hi Nicky,
Thanks for finding me! I haven't had a lot of time for weaving recently, the desire is there, I'm just busy with family commitments. I've made a couple of new videos though :)

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