New loom progress

Did I tell you about my new loom? I've been saving for this one for a while! It's an 8 shaft Ashford table loom, and it's a beauty. And a real learning curve. I've had it for a couple of weeks, but only yesterday did I start weaving on it.
The warping and threading process is very different to the simple old rigid heddle, so I've had to learn warping on a board, reading pattern drafts, threading texolv heddles and following lift plans.
Lots of reading, watching videos and asking questions on Facebook groups. But it's all starting to come together and...

The results are stunning. This is a rose path pattern on only 4 shafts (soon I might be brave enough to use all 8 shafts, but oh! the threading time is so long!) I'm starting out with a scarf using Bambu 7, which is just gorgeously soft and shiny.

I'm sure I'll have my next project planned before this is finished, but for now I will just enjoy having it warped, threaded and the weaving!

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