Monday, August 17, 2015

Another video tutorial

This video is all about achieving neat edges while weaving, I hope it helps someone out there.

It's a long time since I bought new fabric and Spotlight was having a 30% off sale so I couldn't resist! My eldest daughter has a birthday in a few weeks, so I have plans ;)

This is my current weaving WIP - a merino scarf with a pastel gradient warp and solid grey weft. I started out weaving in plain weave with black yarn but hated the result, so I "unwove" and restarted with the grey and a warp float pattern - so much better! 


Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, I resisted the urge to go to Spotlight today for their 30% off as I have so much fabric in my stash to use up. It does get a bit tempting though doesn't it? ;-)

Sue Elvis said...


Oh my! What beautiful fabrics. I bet your mind is full of ideas about how you're going to use it. I really must subscribe to your Youtube channel. I think I'll hop over right now and do that! Have a happy creative day!

Kelly Casanova said...

I eliminated a lot of my fabric stash in a huge decluttering session Nanna Chel, I wasn't using enough to justify holding on to it all! But this lot is for a special project so it was worth splashing out on :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Yay, another subscriber, thank you Sue!