Scarf off the loom

Another week, another item off the loom! This one took a little longer (a lot longer) than I had envisioned, but I'm overjoyed with the result and that is what is important.

I started with some 4ply merino that I had dyed in a rainbow gradient for the warp and teamed it with grey merino for the weft.

The pattern is 3/1 weft float, which was easy to work but was a significant time investment. This is the back side of the scarf (remember, when weaving patterns you get the additional surprise of seeing a different pattern on the underside!)

And this is the top side. See all those little grey floats?

I love the scarf and the colour arrangement has given me ideas of using a tencel or silk yarn for a real shimmer.
Available for sale in my Etsy shop now.

So, next project? You bet I have one planned already, in fact, I have a whole queue of them! Towels. Experimental towels. Stay tuned :)

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Nanna Chel said...

Goodness me, turn out so many beautiful creations. I am still knitting my second pair of socks. LOL! Meanwhile, you have created a whole wardrobe. :-)

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