New ideas and new stuff for weaving

Lots of new things happening for me with weaving! I'm still experimenting with pick up sticks. This pattern is a 3/1 weft float and uses just one pick up stick. I paired a grey weft with a gradient warp and I'm just loving the effect!

Some new 10ply cottons from Bendigo Woollen Mills arrived today, I have some interesting plans for them in the form of towel and face washer gift packs - we'll see if they turn out first though! 

Also newly arrived from Petlins, I splashed out on a new heddle for the loom plus some 8/2 cotton. This is the finest heddle you can get for the rigid heddle loom at 12.5 dent and the cotton is also fine - I have tea towels in mind but I think weaving this fine will be time consuming. It's disappointing that I can't use Australian cotton for this as I normally would - as far as I can tell there are no Australian weaving cottons. 
So that's my weaving taken care of for the foreseeable future, one project at a time :)


sharine said...

That will keep you busy. Love the way the colours look together:)

Kelly Casanova said...

Thanks Sharine :)

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