Break the rules photography

Photography is so much more artistic than I ever knew before. Once you have a reasonable amount of the technical knowledge, the rest is up to you. This is what I really love about photography - the artistic freedom coupled with technical skill. It's so exciting and challenging!

What I wasn't prepared for when delving into the art of photography is all the so called "rules" one must follow in order to achieve "good" photos. The rule of the thirds, posing rules, lighting rules. I have found something much more useful than rules. Experience. Passion. Experiments. 
Some will look at one of my landscapes and say "but you haven't used the rule of thirds" or "your horizon line isn't precise" and "it's over/under exposed". 

When I look at a photo I'm led by the feeling it gives me. Do I love the image? Was capturing the image a positive experience? Was it fun?
If I can say a definite YES to these questions, then my motto is:

Go ahead and break the rules!

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Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, your photos are just breathtaking! Well done and good for you for wanting it to be fun instead of just following rules.

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