Hand woven dish cloths

Over the weekend I wove some dish cloths with some beautiful Australian 10ply cotton that I rainbow dyed. I've been wanting to try out waffle weave and thought that kitchen cloths would be perfect.

All of these were woven on the same warp on my rigid heddle loom. Did you know you can do that? Warp once, weave many, much easier! Just leave a gap of 5 - 6 inches between each cloth, towel or whatever item you're weaving. I hemstitched each one on the loom and left a short fringe at each end.

They sold like hot cakes with an order for more and I'm not surprised. If you've never tried a handmade cotton kitchen cloth (either woven, knitted or crocheted) you really should, they are far superior to any commercial cloth. I use mine as a multi purpose kitchen cloth for wiping and washing. They last a long time and can be thrown in the wash and line dried. My next order is for re-usable baby wipes - another great idea.

These are some other cloths I wove last year in plain weave so the baby wipes will be similar - fairly thin and very soft for baby skin.
The next thing for me to look at is tea towels. I really wasn't happy with my last lot - I think the cotton was too thick, I need specific weaving cotton. 

If you're interested in trying waffle weave on your own rigid heddle, there is a great pattern sequence HERE, look specifically in the comments section for the sequence.
You need one pick up stick but it's very easy to master.

Specifications for my cloths: 
10 ply cotton (warp & weft)
7.5 dpi
60cm rigid heddle loom
Hemstitched on loom.
Wet finished, laid flat to dry.

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sharine said...

They look beautiful:)

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Sharine!

Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, beautiful work as usual! The colours are absolutely gorgeous.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Chel :)

Ann Dolina said...

Really gorgeous and you're right handmade cloths are superior to commercial. I love the waffle weave too.

Sarah Munroe said...

They look amazing Kelly love the colours

Carmela Biscuit said...

Beautiful work! I wish I had a loom :)

Kelly's hand woven, perfectly hemmed technique.

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