A few days ago I received a letter from my beautiful Nanna who is now in her late 80's. Nanna raised 5 children under financially and emotionally challenging circumstances as her husband went off to war. 
When we began our homeschooling journey 10 years ago she didn't understand and was very skeptical. But over the years, seeing the "proof in the pudding" she has become a great supporter. Her frequent letters never fail to tell me what a marvellous job I'm doing as a wife and mother. This means so much to me.

About the same time as the arrival of Nanna's letter I also received my copy of Above Rubies, an American evangelical magazine I've been subscribed to for many years. When my girls were babies and toddlers and things were really tough, this magazine gave me great encouragement. I only had my husband for support during these years and he had to work a good deal to meet our mortgage and living expenses. Many family members (not all) and other associates looked down on our decision to homeschool and raise our children in our faith, so we were essentially left alone to figure it out for ourselves without support.

Above Rubies is written by mothers, for mothers. It's a sharing of knowledge and experience and although it's not a Catholic magazine I find a lot in common with the mothers featured. Homeschooling, contraception free, faith filled and home grown. Aiming for Heaven and taking others with us. Good stuff. 

The last few issues I hadn't appreciated so much and though I made time to read I didn't feel that I came away with much. But reading this recent edition made me realise something major. I need encouragement. Desperately. When my Nanna - mother to 5 during a depression and war times says that she "really admires me for what I do" it brings tears to my eyes. It means that much.

If you see a Mum struggling in the supermarket or trying to keep her kids quiet during Mass or looking completely frazzled with more kids hanging off her than you can count, ENCOURAGE HER! And if you are a Mum in this situation and no one encourages you, ENCOURAGE OTHERS all the more! You can completely turn a mother's day around with a simple smile and "you're doing a great job" or "keep up the good work". 

Mothers do such an essential and important job that at times can be desperately hard. All it take to help is a little encouragement.


Nanna Chel said...

Kelly, I used to read Above Rubies when my children were little. I guess the girls who were children then are not writing the articles as their parents would be in their seventies now I would think. I remember one of the girls promoting using coconut oil for cooking many years ago when it was a 'no no' as far as most people were concerned. How times change!

Nanna Chel said...

Sorry, I meant to write the girls would 'now' not 'not' be writing the articles. Typos :-(

Kelly Casanova said...

Yes, they have certainly been around for a long time :)

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