Little Bear.

Recently I made a little 7 inch bear for the beautiful Sue. Well, it wasn't exactly for Sue, but rather for her son Thomas' birthday. If Thomas was still with us he would have turned 14, the same age as my son. Unfortunately, he passed away not long after his birth.

Sue's tradition has been to buy a bear for Thomas each year on his birthday, isn't that beautiful? However, as you can imagine there is now quite an accumulation of bears in her house and she thought a miniature might be appropriate this year.

I loved making this little bear (Sue has named him Paul) for such a special purpose. He was stitched entirely by hand from lovely mohair and I knitted a mini scarf for him from soft alpaca yarn too. I know he will be a treasured part of Sue's collection.

I purchased a kit from Gerry's (if you ever want to make a bear a kit is a very good way to go - it comes with everything you need).

Did I mention that Sue is an author? She has published two books, the first being "Grief, Love and Hope", a touching book about Thomas and also "The Angels of Abbey Creek" which is a fictional 
children's novel (soon to be reviewed here!) Reading her writings and experiences of unschooling has been a major influence on the way we home educate and I'm very grateful to her.

You can find Sue at her blogs Stories of an Unschooling Family and Sue Elvis Writes, as well as her Facebook page


Sue Elvis said...


Thank you so much for sharing Thomas' bear and birthday and all the links to my books and blogs. Your kindness and generosity are appreciated very much. You are a very special person.

I am glad you are sharing Paul Bear with your readers. I hope they enjoy looking at him as much as we do. (We get to hug him too!) Paul is a very treasured part of Thomas' collection. Thank you for making him especially for Thomas.

with much love and thanks, Sue

sharine said...

He is so sweet and he must be very special.

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Sue, it was an honour :)

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Sharine :)

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