Dye, spin, weave!

My first 100% hand dyed, hand spun and hand woven item! I've been working up to this for a while, practicing my spinning to get a more consistent yarn.

I decided on a "long and skinny" style. It is a plain weave but the interplay of colours makes it appear more complicated than it is. 

I used First Edition fibre to dye and then spin, it's lovely and soft.

One of my dreams is to do many more of these types of items and be able to sell them. I love the authenticity of making the item from start to finish (OK, I didn't shear the sheep!) But from my experience as a handmade artisan I seriously doubt that customers would be willing to pay the amount I would need to charge to cover the time invested - many,  many hours. Still, I may just do the occasional piece and make it available for sale. I'd love to do some pieces for exhibition or competition as well.

This was the original yarn.

What's next? Perhaps a shawl? Phew, that's going to take a while, I'd better start spinning!


Sue Elvis said...

Kelly, the scarf is so beautiful! I love shawls so I'm eagerly awaiting your new project! What colours are you planning to use?

Kelly Casanova said...

Thank you Sue :) I'm not sure what colours yet, I have to get my head around how much wool I'll need to dye and spin first, I think it will have to be a long term project!

Kelly Casanova said...
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sharine said...

It looks awesome!

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