Silk scarf

I bought some silk yarn a while ago and I was scared to dye it - it's expensive and I hadn't dyed it before. So, I worked up the courage to dye it and I liked the blue but wasn't thrilled with the pink/green.  It sat around for a while and I tried to decide what to do with it.

I was itching to get something on the loom, so I warped with the blue without thinking about it too much.

Then I wove with the pink/green. And I was pleased. As I wove I saw the potential and the beautiful sheen and I felt happy!

Off the loom, a wash and a dry and WOW! You just can't photograph something that is shimmery, but this is so shimmery and the colours set each other off beautifully!

Sometimes I take a chance when I make something and it turns out badly. But then sometimes it turns out brilliantly and that is such a joyful feeling.

I'm putting the scarf in my Etsy shop for now and we'll see if anyone else likes it as much as I do :)

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Sue Elvis said...


Oh wow! Weaving the two colours together makes such a difference. I would never have predicted they would look so beautiful together. You obviously have a great eye for colour and possibilities. I am not surprised you are smiling. I imagine the scarf will sell very quickly!

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