Monday, March 17, 2014

Making something just because

Sometimes I like to make some extra time to design and make something just because I feel like it. I made this little rabbit from wool felt and hand stitched the body.

She got some cute stripy socks and a lovely frock, both sewn on the machine.

I don't often take the time to hand stitch something anymore but some things are worth slowing down for :)


sharine said...

She is a cutie:)

Sue Elvis said...

I love your rabbit. So would any little (or big) girl! I wonder if your girls have ordered their own rabbit.

Sarah Munroe said...

This is so cute did you make the pattern or where did you get it from

Kelly Casanova said...

Sarah, I made the pattern :) A few people have told me I should sell patterns like these but i don't know.