Monday, August 5, 2013


Well, my sewing machine still has not returned from servicing (3 weeks and counting!) but last week the sewing centre kindly lent me their resident dinosaur, which despite all it's protesting, actually does a fine job.

The skirt I'm wearing (you didn't think I sewed that coat did you, nu uh!) is from Lisa at Crafty Mamas. It's the Hoody Skirt. I used dark grey Stella and found it a little drab, so jazzed it up with some Stenzo binding on the hem, much better. I can honestly say this is the most comfortable skirt I've worn (I'm a big skirt wearer!) and I'll be making a lot more of them. There are 3 different lengths to choose from.

Now, onto the boy who has patiently been waiting for me to sew him some more tops. I used my trusty Jalie Men's t-shirt pattern which can do no wrong in my eyes, even if I do have to adjust the fit for my guys. Black stella for the body and black and white striped Gitta for the sleeves. 
He is very happy with it and I'm so glad to have a 13 year old son who still asks me to make clothes for him!

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sharine said...

Nice sewing:)

Vicky said...

It's always inspiring to read about your projects, Kelly. The clothes are so smart and professional. I'm still amazed at all you manage to do with young children in the house! They couldn't help but be inspired by your creativity.

God bless:)

Tanya said...

I love a 13 year old boy asking you to make clothes. Mine isn't big on that! but I quickly got onto making him a cape for a school dress up day last week when he said 'can you make me a black cape with a shiny red lining?"- all worth it when he said it was 'awesome'!

Sue Elvis said...


Your skirt looks wonderful! What kind of waist does it have? I try to avoid elastic or gathers as I'm not very tall and they make me feel wide and even shorter!

The Handmaden said...

Sue, the waist is what makes it so comfortable! Instead of elastic (I don't like elastic waists either) it uses a knit fabric waistband, i love it.

Sue Elvis said...

A knit fabric waist... That sounds perfect!