3 ways to save money today - volume 4

1. Become a library member.
It costs nothing but can save you thousands! Instead of buying magazines I borrow them. If I'm interested in a book I often "try it out" from the library to know whether it's worth buying. Some are real gems but most I'm glad I didn't shell out cash for. Oh, and don't let your items get overdue and undo all your good savings by having to pay late fees.

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2. Find free activities for the kids.
There are so many free places to take your kids, the list is endless. Once again, our library has many activities that are free. Check your local council for events. Ask people for recommendations. Search online. And if you decide on a day trip, pack food and water so you don't have to pay a fortune for unhealthy food.

3. Pay your mortgage fortnightly. You may have heard this before, but it really does save you more in the long run. When we had a mortgage I found it satisfying to know our debt was going down fortnightly rather than monthly too, plus it's not so much to pay all in one hit so you're not as likely to miss it.

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sharine said...

Love our local library:)

Tanya said...

I LOVE our local library. And our librarian. And the fact that it's connected to most libraries in the state so I can order in books or dvds (burda magazines!) all sorts of things- I sometimes have to wait a while but it's a great surprise when I get an email telling me that something has arrived. I'll hear someone interviewed about a book on the radio of something and then add it to my wish list, read about a new craft book on a blog, add it to my wish list. I'm the same- so often I think 'I'm so glad I didn't buy that'- a) saves money and b) doesn't fill my house up with clutter.

Sue Elvis said...


This is a timely post for me! We're trying to cut costs. Going to the library is my girls' favourite outing. Free places to visit... We have lots of bush tracks and parks near us. Picnics and barbeques cost very little money, and we can run at the same time!

The Handmaden said...

That's a good point about clutter too Tanya :)

The Handmaden said...

Sue, I really recommend Rhonda's book I mentioned to you, it's very practical and encouraging.

Sara Giambruno said...

Should also mention: return library books on time ;)

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