My new loom

My new Ashford 60cm weaver's loom, ah, it was worth the wait! After getting over my initial fear of setting up for warping (which wasn't all that hard after all!) I've started on a stash busting scarf. Basically, I'm using up all my bits and pieces of yarn in order to practice.

Here is the first section. I've used a purple 8ply wool for the warp.

And for the weft I'm using up all sorts of bits and pieces from my stash, mostly that have been left over from other projects. I'm finding that handspun is perfect with its gradual colour changes. 

I have my loom set up next to my sewing table at a large sunny window and am really enjoying the weaving process. After the warping, the actual weaving is calm, straight forward and repetitive. I don't find the repetition boring, as there is constant progress and it is a quiet and thoughtful activity. I particularly love watching the colours merge.

I can't wait to finish the scarf and start on my next project, I have lots of ideas and also some requests (apparently the girls need a pretty rug for their cubby house).


Nell said...

OH NO!!! Not you too! I have been dreaming about an Ashford Knitters Loom for at least 12 months. I am just scared that I will get it, use it twice and then it will gather dust. I had recently decided not to get one based on that theory and now everywhere I look other people are weaving!!! My resolve is weakening!!!

The Handmaden said...

Ha ha, Nell :D
You do need a bit of extra space and the dedication to use it, but see those beautiful rich colours? That is the yarn you sent me ages ago!

Laura at Beehive Rugs said...

Love your weaving! Can't wait to see your future projects. Several of my friends are weavers and I admire their things all the time. Keep it up!

Sue Elvis said...


I love the colours and the textures! You certainly have a wide range of skills.

I have awful memories of school girl weaving. One day a girl on the school bus fell over my home made loom, and snagged her stockings on the hammered in nails holding the yarn. When I saw the huge hole in her black stockings I felt really bad. I haven't tried weaving since then!

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