3 ways to save money today - volume 5

1. Menstrual products
Perhaps not a topic that many want to discuss publicly, yet something that many (dare I say most?) women waste money on every single month. A couple of years ago I switched from tampons (cringe!) and commercial pads to menstrual cups and cloth pads. Wow, what a difference! The cloth pads I make myself and they are easy to wash, comfortable, customisable according to your flow needs and last a really long time. They don't go into landfill either.
If you've never tried or even heard of a menstrual cup (like me a couple of years ago) I recommend you start researching! At $40 - $70 each they might seem expensive but with proper care 1 cup can last years. If the idea of using one seems strange to you, might I suggest it is far less strange and much more hygienic and practical than a soggy old tampon. Sorry, I know that's gross, but that's exactly my point! Some brands of cup are DivaCup, The Keeper, Lunette and there is even an Australian made one called Juju.

2. Loyalty rewards
If you tend to frequent the same places for shopping, check out their loyalty reward programs. I do our grocery shopping predominantly at Coles, so I use the Flybuys program. Basically, I get points just for shopping at Coles and the points I convert into gift cards. It's really worth doing and costs nothing.

3. Eliminate use of dryer
It's a bit of extra work and organisation to live without a dryer, but unless you live in a very cold and wet climate, you can live without a dryer. And save lots of money in electricity :)

*Disclaimer - These posts are based on my own personal opinions. I do not receive any payment for these opinions and it is not my intention to promote any particular product.

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Sue Elvis said...


Would you believe my clothes dryer is 21 years old and still going strong?! We only use it in bad weather when the washing is piling up, and then we only use it for small items like underwear and tea towels. Everything else goes on a clothes rack.

I actually think hanging clothes on the line is less trouble then using a dryer. Some things can't go in the dryer, and I always need to run the dryer for more than one load. Much better to hang clothes and then forget about them for the rest of the day. Just remembered: my washing is still on the line. Must go and rescue it. It looks like it could rain!

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