Silkies and soap making

I have to show off Mary's new silkies, they are so gorgeous! If you have ever considered having them, I do recommend them, especially as children's pets. Don't those feathers look soft, they're more like hair than feathers. Look at those comical hair styles :)

I'm not sure how old they are (forgot to ask!) but they're not laying yet, so still young.

These two are classic, they're totally inseparable, even though the dark black one is much younger. They spend their days roaming our backyard and the best part is they don't scratch up the garden and make a mess like the Isa browns do!

Soap making revisited. My second attempt - a different recipe this time. While the last batch of soap was nice it was nowhere near what I expect in a bar of soap. Too slimy and soft. This time I've opted for a castile recipe using beeswax and palm oil (sustainable of course!) to hopefully make harder, long lasting bars.

Looks like custard, the beeswax gives a beautiful golden glow and a really lovely, honeyish scent.

And finished! After resting overnight I'll be cutting bars tomorrow, then curing for 4 weeks (that's the worst part - waiting).


Therese R said...

Gorgeous hens. I love silkies. Your soap looks good too.

Marie said...

I did not realise you had to wait that long for soap to cure. Argh, how painful. Hope they turn oout better this time.

The Handmaden said...

Thank you ladies :)

baukje said...

Lovely hens, never saw them in real.

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