Felt food and wrist warmers

It's cold. It's wet. It's the perfect weather for working with wool! I knit these wrist warmers for myself originally, but they fit my eldest daughter better. In fact, the morning after I finished them they had disappeared from my sewing table and were seen on the wrists of a smiling lassy ;)

These were a really easy knit from leftover yarn. The pattern is in "Learn to knit love to knit" by Anna Wilkinson.

Today is also our youngest daughter's 4th birthday and I found myself in a bit of a panic 2 days ago when I realised I didn't have any hand made gifts for her and my sewing machine is still being serviced. It's a bit of a tradition now for me to give at least one Mama made gift.

I went through my wool felt drawer and thankfully found some pieces big enough to make some donuts. Since my eldest daughter started sewing and embroidering, my wool felt stores have been seriously depleted!

What's your favourite flavour, strawberry?


Or vanilla? 

Once again, if you would like a tutorial on how to make these, just let me know. I don't mind doing tutorials and sharing patterns but I mostly only do tutorials nowadays if somebody asks.


Sue Elvis said...


I hope you are all enjoying your daughter's birthday. I love your idea of giving a handmade gift as a birthday present. So special! I bet those donuts were really appreciated. My favourite? Definitely the vanilla one!

Vicky said...

The donuts are so cute, Kelly! Have you made other food, too? It's inspiring how you create so many beautiful things for your family.

Happy birthday to your little girl!

God bless, Kelly:)

The Handmaden said...

Thank you dear ladies :)

No Vicky, I haven't made other food but I'm inspired to now, once I restock those felt supplies!

Therese R said...

Love the donuts Kelly. Great substitute for a present. Would love a set of wrist warmers. Do you sell them in your etsy store?

DaffodilAngel said...

I would love a tutorial on how to make these gorgeous donuts - they are terrific and so colourful and look good enough to eat.

The Handmaden said...

Thank you for asking DaffodilAngel :) I will get on to that as soon as possible i.e.. when I have enough $$ to replenish my wool felt supplies!

DaffodilAngel said...

Many thanks.

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