As things stand.

There are always so many things I want to do, constantly swimming around my head and it can lead to a feeling of futility - that I don't have time to do all these things, that I don't have my priorities straight, or that there is so much that half of it is forgotten anyway.

So here is my little self help session for the things that I want to do and are important to me at the moment.
I want to:

* Read the bible daily.

* Learn more about fixing our poor garden soil and working towards having a lot more success with growing our own food.

* Continue to dye yarn and hopefully sell it more often.

* Work on my husband's art business and making it a tangeable reality.

*Learn more about incubators and hatching eggs and whether it's a viable venture for us.

* Work on releasing some more embroidery patterns.

* Find more time to teach my kids all the skills I've developed these past few years!

* Get back into healthy eating and exercising.

And that's a start, I actually feel like I'm doing "pretty well" at the moment but lists are a great thing to keep me focused.

How about you, what are you working on at the moment? What do you want to improve on or do more of?


baukje said...

I am a bit tired, did far too much these weeks. I need to learn to say:NO .

Vicky said...

I made a list like this, too, Kelly. My bible reading is on it, as well! I'm doing a 'bible in a year' program and I'm just over halfway but I'm often a few days behind:-}

I'm working on the healthy eating, too, and a few other things - just trying to concentrate on the basics.

It's good to see what your ideas are. Thank you for sharing!

God bless, Kelly:-)

Cheryl said...

One thing I'm learning about improving garden soil is to compost in the garden...especially during the winter months. When I went to clean out my herb garden this spring, I noticed that the weed-free, richest, moist soil lay beneath the area where leave had gathered last fall. What an epiphany! I will be covering my gardens with leaves and grass clippings in the fall this year! Another thing you can do is to make a compost pile from raw veggie and fruit scraps. It all adds up! By summer next year, it will be dark, rich soil that has attracted lots of beautiful worms. Hope this gets some ideas flowing!

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