In my classroom.

In my classroom the learning is flexible. Children are all different so why should they all learn the same things at the same rate just because they're the same age?

In my classroom there is time for each student to have individual tuition.

In my classroom there are no set seats and in fact, if you don't feel like sitting down you don't have to (you can even go to the toilet when you want to and without asking!)

There are no bullies in my classroom. All students are equal, and although they sometimes tire of one another's company, they are still expected to be kind and respectful.

In my classroom there are no set plans. If it's a beautiful day we go out. If we don't feel like working we   do something else.

In my classroom prayer is encouraged.

In my classroom the truth is taught.

My classroom is governed by a higher authority. Not the Principal, not the state or federal government and not even me. It is governed by Almighty God and we work at doing His will.

In my classroom there is much laughter, hugs, kisses, respect and love.

My classroom is nothing like the classrooms of my childhood that make me shudder to this day.

My classroom is my home and my students are my children.

We love spending our lives together and wouldn't change it for the world - thanks be to God!


Vicky said...

Kelly, this is so beautifully said! Can I print it out? I'd love to have this to motivate me, throughout the day. It'd be a great reminder of why we homeschool and how blessed we are to have this lifestyle.

God bless, Kelly:-)

Sue Elvis said...


I love this! So well said. I agree with all you have written.

God bless!

The Handmaden said...

Vicky, of course you may print it out, I'm flattered!

God bless :)

The Handmaden said...

Thank you Sue :)

Starr White said...

What a lovely post! I've been considering homeschooling myself, and this is most encouraging, thank you :)

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