Happy Saturday

I awoke with a good feeling today, that sort of "I'm ready to take on the world" type feeling. Wouldn't it be great if we could bottle that feeling and take a swig as needed? I'd be swigging it often, trust me!

Strolling around the garden I find it is very dry as we've had a lot of light showers but no soaking rain. Still, there are always good things to be found. Like the new, fresh blooms on the Datura.

Like the totally laden persimmon tree (and persimmon just happens to rank very highly in my list of favourite fruits!)

Like the red climbing rose that my husband grew from a cutting and that now insists on flowering 3 times a year! I'm not complaining :)

And in the kitchen I'm whipping up a batch of husband's favourite pate fermente bread.

I hope your Saturday (or Friday as it may be for you) is feeling as good as mine.

God bless.


Sue Elvis said...


Thank you for sharing your joyful day and all the beautiful photos. I'd like a bottle full of that wonderful feeling too!

quilary said...

The whole weekend has been a bit like that here as well. Lovely warm weather that feels more like Spring than Autumn adds to feeling . I hope your week continues to be full of goodness!

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