Christ the Priest

I promised Vicky a look at our beautiful Christ the Priest statue. 

It was gifted to us by my brother in law, who is a priest with the Confraternity of Christ the Priest.

It took some getting used to this statue - perhaps because I'm used to seeing statues of Our Lord clothed in white or red but never green. I absolutely love it now and it takes pride of place on the desk (another special gift from a family member when she left to become a Missionary of Charity) that we kneel before to pray the Rosary.

These statues are available to purchase, and amazingly they are only $40!

God bless you all :)


Vicky said...

Oh Kelly, this is such a beautiful statue! Jesus looks so majestic in the deep green.

I love the outstretched arms - I can see why you would pray the Rosary in front of this statue. There's something so inviting and welcoming about pictures and statues of Jesus and Mary with outstretched arms.

Thank you for sharing, Kelly! It gave me one of those warm-inside feelings to see these photos:-)

Sue Elvis said...


I have a statue exactly the same! I bought it from a friend at a homeschooling camp. I love it. Our statue used to sit on our family altar but the cats took a liking to it. I have had to place it higher up, on top of the bookshelf because I know I would be heartbroken if it was damaged.

I was going to ask if Fr Casanova was related to you! I met Father many years ago when he used to be the chaplain for our homeschool camps. The last time I saw him was at the funeral of a friend's baby, maybe 3 years ago.

God bless!

The Handmaden said...

Wow Sue, how awesome that you have one too! And that you know my husband's brother :)

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