Hand dyed yarn

My first attempt at hand dyeing yarn went well in some respects and not so well in others.

I used Luxury 8 ply from Bendigo Woollen Mills and Landscape Dyes in fuschia and raspberry.

I skeined the wool and dyed bands of colour, wrapped it up then steamed it. If you're interested in the process I'm more than happy to share a tute next time I'm dyeing.

I was interested to note how different dyeing wool is to dyeing fabric. The fabric is thirsty for the dye, whereas the wool resists it. Quite different.

Notes for next time: 
Water down the dye more, it was too concentrated.
Try soaking the wool in water for longer before dyeing.
Try a longer steaming time - the dye was not exhausted and I had trouble at the wash out stage.
Cover the kitchen counter properly or you will drip dye on it that does not come off!
Tyeing the hank with figure eight ties worked really well, I didn't get any tangles.
Steamed wool in the kitchen is not an appetising scent and it does tend to fill the house!

I've already cast on a cardigan with this yarn and it's looking great so far. I was concerned the strong colours would be a bit much but it has grown on me.

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