Some things are worth the money

I've always wanted a real cubby house for the children.

Thanks to Divine Providence we now have this fantastic cubby from Aaron's Outdoors (I highly recommend them for their customer service and quality of product).

A ladder, a slide and pink gingham curtains, what else could a little girl (or 3) want?

You see they have their priorities in order - tea set at the ready :)

Thanks be to God for once again providing for our family in unexpected ways.

And on the craft front, I'm working on this African Red Butterfly by Trish Burr, which is an absolutely gorgeous design. Unfortunately my needle painting technique has not had any use for some time and is not quite up to scratch. Hopefully by the end of the project I will be much improved.

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Vicky said...

The cubby looks like a dream house - definitely money well spent!

I love embroidery and stocking, too. I haven't done any for a while but it's one of the things on my to-do list (it's a really long list!). Your embroidery reminds me of a smock that my mum made me when I was ten. I treasured it so much that I still have it.

God bless, Kelly:-)

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