Tuesday, July 10, 2012

From the print studio..

... aka our dining room table! But who cares if we're printing from the table and washing equipment in the bath, the main thing is that we're printing at last!

We have thought, talked, thought more, talked more and saved money for this for many months and it is finally a reality, we have our first screen and today we printed some fantastic looking fabric!

Husband finally gets to see his designs being used and appreciated and we begin, in a small way, to work on our dream of building something together, making, designing and maybe even one day providing an income for us outside of a "regular" job.

In the meantime we'll continue to hone our skills until we're really satisfied with what we're producing, but these sure are exciting times!


Rainbow Made said...

YAY!! Beautiful. Wishing you all the very best in your creative journey together :)

Marie said...

All the best creating pieces together. It sounds very exciting.

quilary said...

Good luck with your dreams - it looks like you have made and exciting start with that beautiful design!

Therese said...

Looks rest kelly. I hope you can create together.

Therese said...

Oops. That is suppose to say looks great. Must have auto corrected from something I wrote.